Meet Walt Pavlo – Author, Speaker, Co-Founder of Prisonology, LLC


Walt Pavlo, Jr. presents his take on white-collar crime in corporate America. Using his own cautionary tale as a basis, he presents a revealing and insightful talk on white- collar cases that are in the news today. Pavlo discusses the many fraud cases he has covered as a Contributor to for the past 5 years and to New York University School of Law's Program on Compliance and Enforcement.  His work has earned him appearances on American Greed and CNBC documentaries. (White Collar Convicts On The Inside and (Dis)Honesty). Pavlo co-authored a popular book, Stolen Without A Gun (co-authored with Neil Weinberg, Bloomberg Reporter). He was a keynote speaker at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners annual conference and is a regular speaker at American Institute of CPA events across the country.

Pavlo is recognized as one of the leading speakers on white- collar crime and federal criminal cases. He has made appearances for the FBI, U.S. Attorneys Office, Big-4 Accounting Firms, Top-Ranked MBA Schools, Law Schools and major corporations across the country. Over the past 12 years, Pavlo and the lead partner in forensic accounting at KPMG have headed a new-hire session for auditors at the firm.

His presentation covers the following key issues :

  • Motivations of white-collar criminals (pressure, opportunity and rationalization)
  • Importance of “Tone at the Top” in corporate cultures
  • Overview of top criminal cases
  • Teaching professional skepticism in the audit process
  • Federal Sentencing Guidelines Overview
  • Consequences of white-collar crime for the corporation
  • Consequences of white-collar crime for individuals

Pavlo delivers his candid and first person account of how he participated in a major fraud, which was part of the largest accounting fraud in the U.S. In addition, he has interviewed hundreds of defense lawyers, convicted felons, federal judges and prosecutors on their perspectives on white- collar crime. His interactive presentation puts the audience inside the company and in meetings where decisions to perpetrate a fraud are made.

Value to Audiences: Audiences will leave with a greater understanding of how good employees can make decisions that put them on the wrong side of ethical and legal boundaries. Beyond looking at how someone crossed the line, the insights gained will help create policies that prevent or discourage fraud in the workplace. Audiences will have a renewed interest in compliance, audit and ethics programs within their companies. The presentation is perfect for every level of employee from the C-Suite to the front line staff.

In addition to providing keynote addresses, Walt Pavlo is the president of Prisonology, a consulting firm for criminal defense lawyers providing expert witnesses for federal court proceedings. He also developed an educational software,, that supports law firms and their clients on information about the federal prison system.

Mr. Pavlo earned his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University and his MBA in Finance from Mercer University. He is also a Journalist Law School Fellow at Loyola Law School (2014).

Video Presentation by Pavlo at Temple University.

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