Meet Todd Newman – Speaker

In securities law cases, there have been none more publicized than that of Todd Newman and Anthony Chiasson, two hedge fund managers whose convictions were overturned in December 2014 by the 2nd Circuit of Appeals.  For prosecutors in the Southern District of New York, it was a tough loss but the decision helped define the reach of prosecutors in pursuing insider trading cases against hedge funds.  His case, known as the Newman Decision, is cited in numerous legal filings, journals, academic papers and news articles.

Todd’s perspectives on the case and some of his story was highlighted in a Fortune magazine article in 2016, Overturned: The Hedge Fund Trader Who Beat The Feds.   Now Newman is speaking out about his case, his fight for freedom and his new life after the case.  His insights are important for those interested in white collar prosecutions, defense strategies, hedge fund compliance and hedge fund trading.  His audiences primarily include hedge funds, law schools, law firms and financial firms.

Todd speaks on:

  • Hedge Fund Compliance
  • How Compliance Programs Are Tested In Criminal Case
  • Crisis Associated With FBI Raids / Investigations
  • Criminal Defense In Insider Trading Case
  • Insights Into High Profile Case Involvement

Todd has a B.S. in accounting from Skidmore College and an MBA from Babson College.


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