Meet Rashmi Airan – Speaker

Rashmi Airan is a trailblazer spreading her message that our relationships and connections empower us to overcome extreme adversities in life.

Rashmi was named Kent Scholar for achieving highest academic honors at Columbia Law School.  Prior to law school, Rashmi worked for Morgan Stanley Investment Bank after graduating from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She began her career in nationally recognized law firms and later as an Attorney for Miami-Dade County.  Rashmi eventually opened her own legal practice in real estate law.  While juggling being a mother of two infants and running her own practice, one of her developer clients began some shady business practices. Rashmi's involvement landed her in Federal Prison for five and a half months.  Rashmi is sharing the brave story of her vulnerability and strength through this journey. She is an inspirational and motivational speaker.

Her Topics include the following:

  • The importance of doing your due diligence, especially regarding your clients
  • Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure – the name of the game
  • In any professional scenario, you have to focus on more than just your own case file.
  • How your words, actions, emails, communications, files can be used against you
  • How a professional MUST always ask questions – or face consequences
  • You must know the entire deal structure and ALL the players involved in a transaction, case or scenario before you get involved and.
  • Never make assumptions
  • Always do the right thing even when nobody else is watching - be excellent/have integrity
  • Humanity of life - Trust your instinct, always be humble, , be gracious, have grit
  • The power in connecting and building relationships/mentors

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