Meet Michael Kimelman

Michael Kimelman was an M&A lawyer at Sullivan & Cromwell, the top performing hedge fund manager and currently consults, writes and speaks on insider trading and anti-fraud compliance issues from a ‘real world’ perspective in today’s rapidly changing regulatory landscape. Michael was the top performing portfolio manager at several funds before starting his own multi-strategy fund, Incremental Capital. The combination of Michael’s extensive legal background and trading desk experience gives him a pronounced edge in crafting an optimal way to mitigate risk and still achieve high-level business performance in today’s constantly shifting regulatory and enforcement environment.

In 2009, Michael was arrested as part of the Galleon investigation. After further investigation, the government admitted Michael was, “at best a peripheral player”, and offered him a deal to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy and receive a sentence of probation. Believing he had done nothing wrong, Michael went to trial where he was convicted by a jury in front of Judge Richard Sullivan. In 2011, Michael was sentenced and served and served 15 months at a Federal Prison Camp. After Michael’s release, Judge Sullivan was overruled by the 2nd Circuit in the Newman case for giving incorrect jury instructions. Both Judge Sullivan and US Attorney Preet Bharara admitted that the same improper jury instructions were given in Michael’s case, yet they refused to vacate his conviction because his time for direct appeal had passed. Michael continues to be a highly sought after commentator and writer on issues relating to finance, compliance and the criminal justice system. He is the bestselling author of, “Confessions of a Wall Street Insider: A Cautionary Tale of Rats, Feds and Banksters.”

Michael now consults, writes and speaks about critical ‘on the desk’ compliance and ethics issues. Michael shares his experience on ethical and regulatory challenges in the hedge fund management space, reflecting on his own unique perspective and practice as a former corporate lawyer, hedge fund manager, and veteran of the criminal justice system. Michael currently consults with organizations through his company, Tradecraft Advisers, and welcomes the opportunity to exchange and share perspectives on real-world compliance challenges. Michael has shared his experience, via keynotes, panels, and customized training sessions with financial firms, hedge funds and leading academic institutions.


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