Meet Lisa Lawler

Meet blogger, consultant and founder of The Secret Lives of White Collar Wives Club, Lisa Lawler.

We are in the midst of an epidemic.  One can draw the conclusion that white collar crime is not a personal problem rather it is in fact, a social problem. A social disease. Heather Booth, a bold and fearless participant in the women’s movement once said, “If it’s happening to other people it’s not a personal problem, it’s a social problem.”  Much of the work I do is a result of Ms. Booth’s impression of what constitutes a social problem.

I began blogging about my experience of being a white collar wife several years ago after enduring the shocking and devastating consequences of my, (former), husband’s financial crime. I thought white collar crime was something that happened to “other people”.  My husband was a well respected professional in his industry and his crime brought about a firestorm of ensuing legal and social fallout which left our family in ruin.  Having traveled far down the road with my own experience of being a white collar wife I wanted to help others find their way through the grim legal and emotional landmines that I had to navigate through blindly. With so many looking for guidance, I formed an on-line support group called The Secret Lives of White Collar Wives. At first, there were very few who came forward but now at 50 members from three continents there seems to be no end in sight. Our community continues to grow both nationally as well as internationally.

Innocent spouses are essentially guilty until proven innocent and proving innocence is no easy task. In addition to the financial fallout, families of white collar criminals must endure the acute breach of trust and ensuing social stigma that is brought upon them by a man whose primary obligation is to protect his family. White collar wives must find a way to move forward as single mothers through divorce and or incarceration.

In addition to my advocacy work on behalf of white collar wives and families I have developed a lecture on ethics in the workplace. I urge all who are serious about compliance and risk to contact me for a compelling lecture, “Truth and Consequences: Easy Money Isn’t Easy”, from a new voice with a new perspective on enforcement.  Humans are vulnerable to many temptations and too often fail to consider the dire consequences one bad decision can have on their and their families lives. White collar crime is not done for the family, but to the family. A terrible miscalculation.

Lisa speaks on:

  • Impact of white collar crime on innocent spouses and children
  • Shares case studies on means of recovery
  • Ethics
  • Family Issues associated with white collar crime

Author: The White Collar Wives Survival Guide; House on Fire: A Cautionary Tale

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