Meet Justin Paperny

Justin Paperny is a former investment executive who now uses his experiences to educate others on the perils associated with white-collar crime. He is the author of Lessons From Prison and Ethics in Motion, both reflections on ethics based on the experiences he has learned from along the way.

Justin has been a keynote speaker to academic and business audiences across the nation. His clients include, The FBI Academy, New York University, KPMG, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, and the University of Southern California. ABC News, Fox News, NBC News and Forbes, and have featured his story and presentations. And in 2016, NBC Universal aired, My Deal With The Devil, a film about Justin’s story.

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Justin built his career at Bear Stearns then UBS. Justin managed more than $200 million in investor assets as a stockbroker, but personal pressures clouded his judgment. That ethical lapse ensnared him in a fraud. He pleaded guilty to violating securities laws and served an 18-month sentence at Taft Federal Prison Camp.

Rather than speaking theoretically, he draws upon personal experiences to narrate with honesty and eloquence how an inattention to ethics can lead an individual into debacles that may include imprisonment.

Speaking topics include:

  • Insight Into The Motivations, Actions, and Consequences of White Collar Crime
  • Financial Services Industry Compliance And Training
  • Government Prosecutions Of White Collar Crimes
  • Performance Pressures And Incentives In Financial Industry
  • Facing Wrongdoing To Make Things Right



“Justin’s presentation on “Denial and the White Collar Offender” was excellent and received many favorable comments. The dedication and commitment that he brings to his work was clearly demonstrated. We look forward to having him participate in more Enrichment Nights at the FBI Academy.”

                        – Eric McCraw, Acting Unit Chief, FBI

Walt’s Take:  Justin is one of those guys that when you meet him, you think you’ve known him for years.  Lucky for me, I have known him for years.  His story, while tragic, it is full of moments with which audience members can relate.  He has an ability to tell his story with humility, self deprecating humor and insight into ethical concepts.

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