Meet Holly Pasut

Life is one big story, and as Holly began reflecting on hers, she decided to openly share stories of her past mistakes, poor choices, failed marriages, back-to-back family suicides, being widowed while caring for three children under the age of five, and serving time in a Federal Prison Camp … WOW.

At one time, Holly was a successful real estate broker who became the target of an FBI investigation into one of the country’s largest mortgage fraud cases, “Operation Wax House,” in Charlotte, NC.  This led to charges of conspiracy and imprisonment at Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia.  On July 31, 2014, Holly became known as a white collar, self-surrender felon facing a 21-month sentence.

As a speaker, her “no fluff” speaking style is particularly relevant to the real estate community and mortgage institutions.  She communicates with humility and vulnerability, as she relives her story and compels audiences to understand how vulnerable they may make themselves by working with the wrong people.  In addition, she has addressed groups on her faith and overcoming life’s challenges.

Holly speaks on:

  • Intent vs Conspiracy
  • Mortgage Fraud In Real Estate
  • Real Estate Agents, Responsibilities and Vulnerabilities
  • Life in Federal Prison
  • Unlocking Your Personal Prison
  • Protecting Your Joy

Here is Holly’s most recent talk at a real estate conference.

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