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In June, Anita Raghavan published a brilliant accounting of an insider trading scandal that rocked Wall Street. The book entitled, The Billionaire’s Apprentice, The Rise of the Indian-American Elite and the Fall of the Galleon Hedge Fund, was published and has received critical acclaim. The New York Times ran an adaptation of it in its Sunday magazine as well as a review. The reviewer Frank Partnoy, a former Morgan Stanley banker and law professor at the University of San Diego, described the guts of the book as the “best form of journalism, an early draft of history.” The Wall Street Journal put The Billionaire’s Apprentice in the same league as two other business classics, Barbarians at the Gate and Den of Thieves. Anita Raghavan was born in Malaysia and came to the United States in 1970. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and spent eighteen years as a journalist with the Wall Street Journal. She is the recipient of the Overseas Press Club Award for her coverage of the mergers and acquisition boom in Europe, and the New York Press Club Award for her reporting on the near collapse of hedge fund Long-Term Capital. In 2008, she became the London Bureau Chief for Forbes magazine. Currently, she is a distinguished speaker and contributor to both the New York Times Dealbook and Forbes.

She is based out of London England and New York, NY. Anita is available to deliver keynote addresses or participate in panel discussions on the topics of:

  • Federal Government Criminal Investigations
  • Issues Facing Hedge Funds and Investment Banks
  • Insider Trading • Immigration
  • Galleon Insider Trading Case
  • General Business News

Thanks to author Anita Raghavan’s intrepid reporting, The Billionaire’s Apprentice combines the drama of the federal government unraveling an insider trading ring with the historical sweep of immigrants rising from nothing to the corridors of corporate power.

— Bethany McLean, co-author of the bestsellers The Smartest Guys In the Room and All the Devils Are Here

Walt’s Take: Anita is an accomplished journalist, author and great friend who I was introduced to by my co-author Neil Weinberg (Bloomberg).  Anita’s work on  “The Billionaire’s Apprentice” represents her devotion to research and assuring that the story is “right.”  Her talks provide insights from her detailed conversation with those who were at the center of her stories.  With fairness and balance, Anita’s perspectives are valuable for anyone interested in the financial markets.

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