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Andy Fastow

Former Enron CFO

Topics: Compliance, Insights Into Enron's Downfall, Ethics

Charlie Shrem


Topics: BitCoin, Entrepreneurship, Pitfalls Of Both

Tom Hardin

Fmr Hedge Fund Analyst

Topics: Insider Trading, Hedge Fund Compliance

Walt Pavlo

Fmr Executive MCI

Topics: White Collar Crime, Federal Criminal Justice

Kevin Ring

President FAMM

Topics: Political Lobbying, Criminal Justice Reform


Joe Papp

Professional Cyclist

Topics: Cycling, Performance Enhancing Drugs

James Van Doren

Fmr Corporate Attorney

Topics: Conspiracy Law, White Collar Prosecutions

Michael Kimelman

Fmr M&A Attorney

Topics: Conspiracy Law, White Collar Prosecutions

Todd Newman

The Newman Decision

Topics: The Newman Decision, Insider Trading, Compliance

Peter Henning

Professor of Law

Topics: Securities Law, White Collar Crime, SEC Enforcement

Jana Monroe

VP Global Security, Herbalife

Topics: Cybersecurity, white collar crime, FBI

Joseph Petrucelli

Author, CPA, CFE

Topics: Fraud Investigations, Audit Controls

Kelly Paxton


Topics: Pink Collar Fraud Investigations, Expert Testimony

Mark Whitacre

ADM Whistleblower

Topics: Price Fixing, FBI Informant, Motivation and Faith

Bob Greisman

Fmr BDO Partner

Topics: Corporate Culture and Incentives, CPA Responsibility

Kweku Adoboli

Former UBS Trader

Topics: Bank Trading, UK Securities Investigations

Keith Slotter

FBI (retired)

Topics: Interrogations, Investigations, White Collar crime, Security

Rashmi Airan

Former Lawyer

Topics: Mortgage Fraud, Ethics, Motivation

Kay Rogers

Fmr County Auditor

Topics: County Government, Corruption, Audit

Holly Pasut

Fmr Real Estate Agent

Topics: Intent vs Conspiracy, Mortgage Fraud, Motivational

Lisa Lawler

White Collar Wives Club

Topics: White Collar Crime, Family, Crisis Management

Weston Smith

Former CFO Healthsouth

Topics: Corporate Culture, Ethics, Corporate Governance

Eric Dixon


Topics: Federal Investigations, Criminal Defense

Anita Raghavan

Journalist, Author

Topics: White Collar Crime, Insider Trading, Securities

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

Author and Speaker

Topics: Program Mgmt, Motivation

Nick Leeson

Fmr Trader Barings Bank

Topics: Risk Management, Intl Prosecutions

Eric McPhail

Amateur Golfer

Topics: Insider Trading, Handling Confidential Information

Jack Donson

Federal BOP (retired)

Topics: BOP Policies, Prison Reform, Solitary Confinement

Allan Chernoff

Broadcast Journalist

Topics: Event Moderator, White Collar Crime

Justin Paperny

Fmr Investment Exec

Topics: Ethics, Financial Investment, Compliance

Tony Mayo

Executive Coach, Author

Topics: Ethics, Motivation, Executive Coaching

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