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The federal courthouse in New York is located at 500 Pearl Street.  There, prosecutors, federal agents, accountants, journalists and defendants are all part of the most influential cases involving white collar crime.  Our unique speakers bureau has brought this group of professionals together to provide the ultimate training and entertainment experience for your event.

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Charlie Shrem


Topics: BitCoin, Entrepreneurship, Pitfalls Of Both

Tom Hardin


Topics: Insider Trading, Hedge Fund Compliance

Walt Pavlo

Author, Blogger

Topics: White Collar Crime, Federal Criminal Justice

Kevin Ring

Vice President FAMM

Topics: Political Lobbying, Criminal Justice Reform


Joe Papp


Topics: Cycling, Performance Enhancing Drugs

Todd Newman

The Newman Decision

Topics: The Newman Decision, Insider Trading, Compliance

Peter Henning

Professor of Law

Topics: Securities Law, White Collar Crime, SEC Enforcement

Joseph Petrucelli

Author, CPA, CFE

Topics: Fraud Investigations, Audit Controls

Kelly Paxton


Topics: Pink Collar Fraud Investigations, Expert Testimony

Mark Whitacre

Author, Speaker

Topics: Price Fixing, FBI Informant, Motivation and Faith

Keith Slotter

FBI (retired)

Topics: Interrogations, Investigations, White Collar crime, Security

Rashmi Airan


Topics: Mortgage Fraud, Ethics, Motivation

Kay Rogers


Topics: County Government, Corruption, Audit

Holly Pasut

Speaker, Blogger

Topics: Intent vs Conspiracy, Mortgage Fraud, Motivational

Lisa Lawler

White Collar Wives Club

Topics: White Collar Crime, Family, Crisis Management

Anita Raghavan

Journalist, Author

Topics: White Collar Crime, Insider Trading, Securities

Jack Donson

Federal BOP (retired)

Topics: BOP Policies, Prison Reform, Solitary Confinement

Nick Leeson

Author, Speaker

Topics: Risk Management, Intl. Prosecutions

Allan Chernoff

Broadcast Journalist

Topics: Event Moderator, White Collar Crime

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