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From @CrimeADay21 USC §333 & 21 CFR §139.120(a)(1)-(b) make it a federal crime to sell "milk macaroni" unless it's both tube-shaped and moistened by milk.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Wants SEC Chairperson Jary Jo White "Out" (USA Today)Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., sent a letter Friday to President Obama, urging him to replace Mary Jo White as chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Warren blasted White's refusal to push initiatives that would require companies to disclose how much they  spend on political contributions two weeks after a rider was inserted into legislation the senator said would block the SEC from requiring the disclosures.

They Paid For Dreams But Quincy, MA Man May Have Sold Them Lies (Boston Globe) Scott Wolas showed up for years at a small storefront real estate office on Beale Street, just around the corner from the Wollaston Beauty Box and across from a liquor store. He didn’t have an assigned seat; he would grab a desk for the day at the Century 21 Annex, toting his files around in a worn briefcase.   To colleagues and clients, he was Eugene Grathwohl, a frumpy man with thinning hair and food stains on his shirt. His sometimes slovenly appearance belied a more sophisticated side that charmed many. He’d spring for $800 dinners and knew his way around an expensive wine list. He had an encyclopedic grasp of history, and seemed to juggle numerous money-making ideas at once. And he would take certain clients under his wing, checking on them multiple times a day amid their divorces and life troubles.

New York State GOP Candidate Charged In Rent Scam (NY Post) A candidate for New York State Senate was charged with grand larceny Friday for ripping off at least 10 people in a Craigslist rent scam, police sources told The Post.  Cops say Jon Girodes, 38, listed his luxury apartment at 635 W. 42nd St. for a bargain-basement price of $1,100 and “rented” it to victims who could pony up to a year’s rent in cash.  Sara Angella, 31, said she answered Girodes ad in mid-August and met him at the gorgeous Hell’s Kitchen apartment.

Ten More Charged In Dallas In Fraud Against Military Health Care System (Dallas Morning News)Federal authorities have indicted 10 more people, including two doctors, as part of a massive illegal kickback scheme in Dallas involving pharmacies that allegedly scammed the military’s health-insurance program out of $100 million.  Nine of the defendants were arrested this week and the 10th turned himself in, the U.S. attorney's office said. Two others were charged in February.   The defendants include doctors, pharmacy owners and marketers. They are charged in an updated 35-count indictment issued last week in Dallas and unsealed Friday afternoon. They are accused of conspiring to sell to soldiers expensive compounded products like pain and scar creams that were not needed.

Halfway Houses Are So Bad, Inmate Who Got Clemency Says "No Thanks (USA Today)When President Obamaannounced a program to grant executive clemency to drug offenders given long mandatory sentences, Arnold Ray Jones did what more than 29,000 federal inmates have done: He asked Obama for a presidential commutation.   And then, after it arrived on Aug. 3, he refused to accept it.  Jones’ turnabout highlights the strings that come attached to an increasing number of Obama’s commutations: In this case, enrollment in a residential drug treatment program — which has been a condition of 92 of Obama commutation grants. Jones is the first to refuse that condition.


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