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From @CrimeADay : 40 U.S.C. §§6134 & 6137(a) make it a federal crime to set off fireworks inside the Supreme Court.

U.S. Asks Switzerland To Extradite Fifa Officials (BBC) -  Formal extradition requests were submitted on Wednesday, the Swiss Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) said. The seven top executives arrested in Zurich are among 14 Fifa officials indicted on charges of "rampant, systemic, and deep-rooted" corruption.  The charges follow a major inquiry by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The FOJ said Zurich police, acting on its behalf, would give the seven officials a hearing over the extradition requests.

Rajat Gupta Loses Bid To Toss Insider Trading Case After Newman Decision (Forbes) -  Former Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta is currently serving a two year prison term following his conviction of tipping hedge fund billionaire Raj Rajaratnam after a meeting of the Goldman board of directors as to a Warren Buffet investment in the firm in 2008.  Gupta is scheduled to be released from prison in March 2016.  Since his stay in prison began, the landscape of insider trading cases shifted on December 10, 2014 when the Newman decision in the 2nd Circuit came down.  Newman made clear that insider trading charges apply to cases where the person trading on the information both knew that the confidential information was received from someone who had a duty to keep the information confidential and that the person disclosing received a benefit.  Both Todd Newman and Anthony Chiasson’s insider trading convictions were overturned as a result.  On Thursday, he lost his motion to have the case tossed.

SEC Busts Gold Mining Ponzi Scheme Targeting Spanish-Speaking Victims (Ponzi Tracker) - The Securities and Exchange Commission filed civil fraud charges against a Massachusetts company and its principals and promoters, arguing the company was a massive Ponzi and Pyramid scheme that raised at least $15 million from primarily Spanish and Portuguese-speaking victims.  DFRF Enterprises LLC, a Florida company, and DFRF Enterprises, LLC, a Florida company, along with Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho, Wanderley M. Dalman, Gaspar C. Jesus, Eduardo N. Da Silva, Heriberto C. Perez Valdes, Jeffrey A. Feldman, and Romildo Da Cunha were charged with multiple violations of federal securities laws in a complaint that was filed today in Massachusetts federal court.  The Commission is seeking injunctive relief, disgorgement of ill-gotten gains along with prejudgment interest, and civil monetary penalties.

Analysis Of Big Data Leads To Big Big Arrests (Forbes) - Federal authorities arrested 243 people in an alleged $712 Million Medicare fraud bust in mid-June.  The arrest came just as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources along with the Office of Inspector General released their report “Ensuring The Integrity Of Medicare Part D.”  The report represented an analysis of data from the huge network responsible for distribution and payment of billions of dollars of prescription medications under the popular Part D program.  The results revealed some potential fraud hot spots.

Postal Worker Busted In $1M Tax Return Scheme (NY Post) -  A postal worker and his pilfering partners used a phony tax-return scheme to steal more than $1 million from the government by duping the IRS into issuing fraudulent checks delivered by the crooked letter carrier​, federal authorities said on Thursday​.  Oscar Lopez, 36, used his route in The Bronx to cash in on a check scheme with ties to Puerto Rico, officials said.

St. Louis Cardinals Fire Scouting Director As Hacking Investigation Continues (Stl Today) - The St. Louis Cardinals have terminated the contract of their scouting director, Chris Correa, as investigations continue into alleged hacking of a Houston Astros database.  A Cardinals’ lawyer, James G. Martin, confirmed the move Thursday, saying Correa already had been on an “imposed leave of absence.” Martin declined to comment on the reason. And he would not say whether any employee has admitted hacking the Astros, citing ongoing investigations by the club, Major League Baseball and the FBI.

Three Charged In Forcing Immigrant Minors To Work On Egg Farm (NBC 4) - A federal grand jury has indicted three people on charges they smuggled Guatemalan minors into the United States and forcing them to work on an egg farm.  Neighbor Tara Baker witnessed the scene, as federal agents and local authorities raided a trailer park in Marion County.  ”It was early in the morning,” she recalled. “There (were) school buses everywhere and there were cops everywhere and they came in and kicked doors in.”  According to court documents, Aroldo Castillo-Serrano, 33, of Pecos, Texas, Conrado Salgado Soto, 52, of Raymond, Ohio, Ana Angelica Pedro, 21, of Columbus and Juan Pablo Duran Jr., 23, of Marysville, Ohio were indicted and accused of smuggling workers as young as 14 or 15 from Guatemala to the United States, falsely promising them that they would be able to attend school in the United States.

Prison For Steroids, Free Pass For Bank Thugs (Ring Of Fire) - In 2007, former Olympic athlete Marion Jones entered a plea of “guilty” to charges that she illegally used performance-enhancing drugs. She was sentenced to six months in a federal corrections facility.  Meanwhile, of the dozens of Wall Street “banksters” who have stolen billions from all of us, only a small handful have ever done prison time. The most infamous example is Bernie Madoff, who is currently serving a life sentence.  Madoff’s mistake is that he stole from the rich (his victims included several prominent celebrities). As for the rest of these people (corporate as well as natural) – they get a virtual free pass. At the most, they buy their way out of trouble with a few paltry fines. This is what former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder considers “getting tough” on white collar crime?

Obama Set To Free 80 Federal Inmates For Non-violent Crimes (Raw) - n an effort to pare down the massive number of people serving long prison sentences for non-violent, drug-related offenses, President Barack Obama will free dozens of federal prisoners in the coming weeks, the New York Times reports.  While the president is expected to commute the sentences of a rough total of 80 people soon, it’s just a small fraction of the 30,000 prisoners who applied for clemency. But it’s part of a broader move to correct what many agree to be a national pattern of gross over-sentencing, thanks to years of “tough on crime” politicians who instituted mandatory minimum sentencing, according to the Times.

Four Guards Charged For Smuggling Phones And Drugs Into Prison (MCall) - Northampton County corrections officer was charged Friday with smuggling drugs and a cell phone to inmates at the county jail.  Brian Keith Jenkins, 30, of Easton, faces one count of providing a controlled substance to a confined person and one count of providing a telecommunication device to a confined person. He has worked at the prison nearly four years, according to county documents.  The charges stemmed from a joint Pennsylvania State Police and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration investigation that began in February, according to county officials. Details of the allegations were not immediately available.