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From @CrimeADay10 U.S.C. §2674(c)(3) & 32 C.F.R. §234.7(b) make it a federal crime to make an obscene gesture at the Pentagon in order to alarm people.

Prosecutors At Wynn Trial Block Key Witness From Testifying (Forbes) - Wynn Casino is coming to the city of Boston and with it an entertaining criminal trial of three people accused of fraud.  For over a week, a trial has been ongoing as a result of charges associated with the casino rights bidding process.  Now, as the trial enters its second week, prosecutors are using some tough tactics aimed at preventing a key witness from taking the stand.

Federal Prosecutors Want 33 Years Prison For Utah Businessman (Salt Lake Tribune) - Federal prosecutors say a St. George businessman could spend more than 33 years in prison for lying to the banks that were processing credit-card payments for his online marketing company.  Jeremy Johnson was convicted last month of eight counts of submitting false information to a bank in Salt Lake City's U.S. District Court.   A jury acquitted Johnson, who served as his own attorney during the trial, of 78 other charges including those of bank fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering.  The convictions should earn Johnson a prison term somewhere between 324 and 405 months — or 27 to 33.75 years — in prison, based on federal sentencing guidelines, Utah's U.S. attorney's office says in a new court filing.

Vermont Ski Resort Could Be Forced To Close Amid Fraud Probe (Fox)A federal receiver appointed to oversee two Vermont ski resorts amid allegations of massive fraud says Jay Peak could close and Q Burke Mountain may not open without additional money.  Jay Peak owner Ariel Quiros of Miami and president Bill Stenger of Newport, Vermont, are accused in state and federal complaints of misusing in "Ponzi-like fashion" more than $200 million of about $400 million raised from foreign investors for development plans at Jay and in other parts of northern Vermont.

Five Arrested In Medicaid Fraud In Louisiana (New Star)Attorney General Jeff Landry announced five people were arrested on defrauding the Medicaid program following investigations by his Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU).  “Fraudulent claims to the Medicaid program will be investigated, and the scammers will be arrested,” said Attorney General Jeff Landry. “My office and I are committed to rooting out fraud wherever it exists. We will do all we can to protect the Medicaid program for people who really need the help."

Judge Sends Man To Prison For "Only" Two Years For Involvement In Ponzi Scheme (OC Register)A federal judge granted a degree of leniency in sentencing a real estate fraud defendant Monday out of consideration for the man’s 16-year-old daughter.  When John J. Packard, 66, begins his 2 1/2-year sentence Sept. 16, both the girl’s parents will be behind bars.  The girl’s mother – and Packard’s ex-wife – is Nanette Johnston, who is serving a life sentence for persuading her ex-NFL lover to murder William McLaughlin, her wealthy, live-in boyfriend, to cover up a theft.

Nurses Thrust Into Guard Duty At Federal Prisons (USA Today) - Nurses, physical therapists and other senior medical staffers in the Federal Bureau of Prisons have been routinely assigned guard duties and other security-related shifts to fill chronic personnel gaps, despite critical health care shortages throughout the vast prison system.  The reassigned medical staffers are being drawn from the ranks of the uniformed U.S. Public Health Service (PHS), whose members have little or no experience providing security inside the overcrowded federal system, PHS members told USA TODAY.


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