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From @CrimeADay18 USC §600 makes it a crime to promise someone a federal job as a reward if they oppose a candidate in a primary or political convention.

Finding The Fraud In The HSBC Currency Trading Case (DealBook) - The global banking giant HSBC is back in the news in another tussle with United States prosecutors. This time it involves a charge of wire fraud conspiracy against two of its foreign exchange executives, who are accused of “front-running” a trade by the bank’s client to generate a $3 million profit.  The question is whether taking advantage of a client’s decision to engage in a transaction with some dishonest statements is enough to produce a fraudulent scheme. Or was it just the usual sharp practice seen on Wall Street countless times before, which did not violate the law even though it might have been unethical?  Front-running is when a firm trades ahead of a customer’s large order that is likely to move the market, profiting off the inside knowledge of the impending change in the price.

Banana King Sentenced To An Additional 5 Years Prison (NY Daily News)The Long Island banana baron already convicted of trying to cover up a fatal drug fueled orgy was sentenced to an additional five and a half years Monday for stealing from his employees' pensions.  Thomas Hoey Jr. now faces a total of 17 and a half years behind bars.  "You were born if not on third base then on first base," Judge Paul Engelmayer told Hoey when imposing sentence. "I have no confidence, none, that you will turn over a new leaf. Simply put, the public will benefit by your being in prison."

Preet Bharara Expands Corruption Probe To Westchester (NY Post)US Attorney Preet Bharara’s corruption probe into the dealings of two shady businessmen and donors to Mayor de Blasio has expanded to Westchester County, The Post has learned.  Bharara has subpoenaed the offices of Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino about dealings with de Blasio financial backers Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg, who have been linked to recent city pay-to-play scandals.

Insider Trading Case Set To Begin In Manhattan (Reuters)Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are set to face off with a former Wall Street investment banker in their first insider trading trial since a U.S. appeals court curtailed their ability to pursue such cases.  Jury selection is expected to begin on Monday in the case of Sean Stewart, an ex-banker at Perella Weinberg Partners and JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) accused of supplying inside information to his father about unannounced healthcare mergers.  Prosecutors say accountant Robert Stewart, the father, and Richard Cunniffe, an acquaintance who worked at a boutique investment bank, made $1.16 million trading on tips about five healthcare deals provided by the younger Stewart.

Man's Bad Review At Citigroup Led To Computer Outage ... Now Prison (WFAA)A Dallas man was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison after he was found guilty of damaging a Citibank computer, which led to an outage of 90 percent of Citibank networks across the nation.   According to a statement released by the office of U.S. Attorney John R. Parker, Lennon Ray Brown, 38, intentionally damaged the protected computer after a work performance review on Dec. 23, 2013 at a Citibank Regents Campus in Irving. Authorities say at about 6 p.m. that night, Brown "transmitted a code and command to 10 core Citibank Global Control Center routers," which "erased the running configuration files in nine of the routers." They say he then left the business about two minutes later.

Florida Man Sentenced To 8 Years Prison For Scamming Friends and Family (Herald Tribune)Along with contempt, it is fair to say I feel some fascination and maybe a weird sort of begrudging admiration for certain con men, because their audacious tricks are so clever and well executed.  I prefer to read about their cleverness after they are caught and locked up. But still, some are undeniably skilled.  Then there are scammers like Russell Haraburda, who is just a bore. While we might be glad some fraudsters write books about their crimes, Haraburda needn't bother.

What Not To Do In Prison (The FCPA Blog) - Some sound advice that you hopefully will never have to take ... but always good to know.  Richard Bistrong spent some months in prison thinking about his own bribery actions (admitted guilt).  Now, a bit wiser, he's got some advice for those on the way into the big house.

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