Our speakers represent professionals who bring their real-life experiences to corporate training programs at an affordable price.

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Training Solutions

We provide speakers and modules for training sessions, conferences and event with dynamic people who have been at the center of many landmark cases.

While corporations do an excellent job of creating content for ethics and compliance training, we provide presentations to add meaning to that content.  We create these experiences that bring corporate messages to life by presenting stories from FBI agents, journalists, accountants, lawyers and those who have been involved in federal criminal cases.

We have assembled a group of professionals from accounting, law, compliance, law enforcement and those who have been involved in high-profile cases to bring a powerful message to corporate America.  We put you in the front row of interactive case studies presented by the very people who were there.  It is powerful, personal and engaging.

Our approach allows your organization to build the program that YOU want your employees to hear.  We provide the speaker or module, you provide the theme and we deliver.

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